MAXQDA International Conference (MQIC)

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Thank you to everybody who took part in the MQIC 2017. We hope to see you again soon!

The 2017 MAXQDA International Conference brought together MAXQDA users from all over the world in Berlin, Germany. The conference offered a rich programme that covered everything on MAXQDA and Mixed Methods research. It was a unique opportunity to network with other MAXQDA users and talk to the MAXQDA development team.

MQIC 2017 – Photo Gallery

MQIC 2017 – Poster Session & Awards

The 2017 poster session was held on Thursday, March 2nd 2017. The MQIC exhibited 17 posters by researchers from 10 countries. Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 MQIC Poster Award.

MQIC 2017 - Winners of the Poster Awards

View all MQIC 2017 poster submissions.

MQIC 2017 – Keynotes

Method Keynote – Prof. Dr. Zhiyong Zhu – “Qualitative Research Methods Development in academic development in China”

The method keynote in 2017 was held by Prof. Zhiyong Zhu (Beijing Normal University,China) who addressed the development of qualitative research in China, giving a sweeping account of China’s social and educational trajectory over the past 40 years using his personal experience in the field as a “case study”.

Developer Keynote – Prof. Udo Kuckartz / Dr. Stefan Rädiker – “Expanding Traditional Methods for Analyzing Qualitative Data”

The developer keynote was held by Prof. Udo Kuckartz of the Philipps-University Marburg and Dr. Stefan Rädiker, who focused on new developments within MAXQDA that have expanded traditional forms of qualitative data analysis.
Download slides of the developer keynote

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