MAXQDA International Conference (MQIC)

This year’s MAXQDA International Conference took place in Berlin from February 28th to March 2nd, bringing together German and international researchers who work and teach with MAXQDA. The event was, as always, a unique opportunity to network with other MAXQDA users and meet the MAXQDA development team.

Research is a journey - travel it well

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Conference Program

MQIC 2018 centered on questions regarding how to optimize the use of MAXQDA in the various methodological and thematical settings of qualitative and mixed methods research. This year’s main objective was to once again provide researchers with a stimulating platform for substantive discussions and professional networking.

The program included a keynote speech on methodology, various workshop formats – including, half-day and full-day workshops, as well as highly concentrated mini-workshops – an inspiring poster presentation and awards ceremony, Best Practice Roundtables, and last but not least, a wine and cheese get-together. 

We thank all those who joined us for these three instructive and inspiring days in Berlin!


Keynote Speaker- Dr. Donna M. Mertens

We are delighted that the MQIC 2018 opened with the keynote address by an outstanding figure in mixed methods and evaluation research, Prof. em. Donna M. Mertens. Prof. em. Mertens is a long-standing advocate for the anchorage of- and methodological reflection on the research and evaluation processes in the context of social change and societal responsibility.


What is MAXQDA?

MAXQDA is designed to facilitate and support qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research projects. It allows you to import, organize, analyze, visualize, and publish all forms of data that can be collected electronically, including interviews, surveys, (PDF) documents, tables (Excel / SPSS), bibliographic data, pictures, videos, web pages, and even tweets. With its comprehensive range of functions, from transcription to inferential statistical analysis, MAXQDA is an “all in one” software for research and teaching purposes in numerous disciplines.

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