Call for Posters

A poster session will be held on Thursday, March 2nd 2017. Here you will have the chance to present a poster regarding computer-assisted analysis of qualitative data with MAXQDA or the use of MAXQDA within the context of a research project.

The focus of the poster should be on presenting how your analysis relates to your use of software for analyzing qualitative data. We would also be interested in posters on teaching and studying MAXQDA.

Possible Poster Topics:

  • Implementation of specific research steps/methodologies using MAXQDA
  • Connecting, integrating and exchanging data between different (analysis) programs (such as mind mapping tools, reference management tools, statistical software)
  • Approaches to visualization and specific examples of visuals
  • Use of analytical software in research groups (teamwork process etc.)
  • Combining qualitative and quantitative data and/or material; quantification during the research process
  • Dealing with specific document types (e.g. very long, very short, many, very different etc.)
  • Teaching MAXQDA (project examples, curricula, used tools, best practice etc.)

Poster Criteria

Your proposal for a poster should contain the following information or meet the following criteria:

  • Title of the poster
  • Contact address
  • Discipline and organization
  • Context
  • Brief description of content (or a draft of the poster itself)
  • Maximum length of the proposal: 1 page (about 300-400 words). Small poster drafts are very welcome.
  • If possible, please submit your poster in English

Please email us your proposal by January 31st, 2017 at We will inform you if your poster has been accepted not later than February 8th 2017.

Poster Award

The best posters will be awarded a grant of 200 Euros!

Posters should be in DIN A0 portrait format. Posters will be published on the conference website as PDF files.