MQIC Keynotes 2017


Method Keynote

Prof. Dr. Zhiyong Zhu: “Qualitative Research Methods Development in academic development in China”

We are delighted to announce that the MQIC 2017 will open with a perspective from China, arguably the most powerful and influential country in the world, which is nonetheless still considered to be developing. The Chinese government continues to invest heavily in the educational sector in an effort to face the enormous social and environmental challenges that lie ahead. Qualitative research is one of the strongest tools for gaining knowledge and evaluating the effects of social political efforts.

Prof. Dr. Zhiyong Zhu from the renowned Beijing Normal University will address the current status and perspectives of qualitative research in China in his keynote.

Prof. Dr. Zhiyong Zhu at MQIC

Prof. Dr. Zhiyong Zhu

Prof. Dr. Zhiyong Zhu is an Associate Professor in the College of Educational Administration at Beijing Normal University. Prof. Dr. Zhu specializes in sociology of education in ethnic minority education, rural education, school management and social development. He has participated in several international and national projects concerning school management. He was awarded the prestigious Fulbright New Century Scholarship from the United States Department of the State (2007-2008) in higher education access and equity study. He published State Schooling and Ethnic Identity: The Politics of a Tibetan Neidi Secondary School in China (Lexington Books, 2007). He co-edited Social Development and Change: Theory and Practice and ‘Golden Key’ Education Theory and Practice for the Visually Impaired. He translated Jeanne H. Ballantine’s The Sociology of Education: a Systematic Analysis into Chinese in 2005 and now is translating Patricia J. Gumport’s Sociology of Higher Education: Contributions and Contexts. He is an advisory committee member of the journal Chinese Education and Society. He published numerous journal papers in Chinese and English.

Developer Keynote

Prof. Dr. Udo Kuckartz & Dr. Stefan Rädiker: “Expanding Traditional Methods for Analyzing Qualitative Data”

The developer keynote focuses on new developments within MAXQDA that expand traditional forms of qualitative data analysis. New data collection methods (e.g. online data from surveys, webpages or Twitter) have led to new possibilities for literature reviews, analyzing text using visual and word based techniques, as well as the integration of standardized data and qualitative data (Mixed Methods).
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Prof. Dr. Udo Kuckartz at MQIC

Prof. Dr. Udo Kuckartz

Prof. Dr. Udo Kuckartz is Professor (em) of Research Methodology in the Department of Education and Social Science at the Philipps-University Marburg. He has written more than 150 publications, including numerous textbooks on quantitative and qualitative research methods and is the author and developer of MAXQDA.

Dr. Stefan Rädiker at MQIC

Dr. Stefan Rädiker

Dr. Stefan Rädiker has been working for many years in the field of computer-assisted analysis of qualitative data. He has used MAXQDA in a number of research projects and has written several publications about qualitative and quantitative methods. He worked for many years at VERBI Software expanding MAXQDA’s functionalities and developing concepts for MAXQDA’s workshops.