Best Practice Roundtables

MAXQDA Best Practice Roundtables

Thursday, March 2nd, 2016, 3pm – 4.30pm

The MAXQDA Best Practice Roundtables offer you the chance to meet other users of qualitative data analysis software and talk about your individual uses of it. Our experiences of various conferences in recent years have shown that delegates always like to network, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

In the Best Practice Roundtables you will have the opportunity to meet in small groups to discuss any questions, problems, ideas and solutions you may have regarding the use of computer-assisted qualitative data analysis with other conference participants, lecturers as well as MAXQDA developers.

Roundtables are planned for the following topics

  • Mixed methods and complex data analysis
  • Implementing research methods (e.g. qualitative content analysis, Grounded Theory etc.) using MAXQDA
  • Using visualizations for analysis and presentations
  • Teaching and learning MAXQDA
  • Organizing data, project structure, technical questions
  • Audio, video and image data
  • Working in teams

Experienced as well as new users will be able to expand their practical knowledge of MAXQDA, exchange ideas and learn from other participants.

The Best Practice Roundtables are immediately followed by the Poster Presentations and a Get Together, in which various posters about computer-assisted analysis software programs will be presented. You are warmly invited to attend!