Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Contract and services

(1) A legally binding contract on the participation at the conference and/or one or two workshops will be formed between you and VERBI Software – Consult – Sozialforschung GmbH as soon as you have received your confirmation of registration via e-mail.

(2) With respect to services provided by VERBI Software – Consult – Sozialforschung GmbH the place, time, duration and content as indicated on the conference website at the point of registration shall apply.

2. Working and teaching material

(1) Some workshops require you to bring your own notebook, on which specific software must be installed as stated in the workshop description.

(2) During most workshops you will receive work sheets and exercise files. These are subject to copyright and cannot be copied, distributed or used otherwise without the authorization of VERBI Software – Consult – Sozialforschung GmbH.

3. Certificates of attendance

At the end of every workshop, the participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

4. Conference fees

(1) The participation at the conference costs 100 Euro and includes services below: Keynote speeches, free choice of five Expert Breakout Sessions, MAXQDA Best Practice Roundtables, Poster Presentation and Get Together including catering. Costs also include lunch time snacks on all conference days and coffee break catering.

(2) Doctoral students and students are charged a reduced fee of 40 Euro. Proof of enrollment (e.g. valid student ID, written confirmation from an advisor or university) must be submitted.

5. Workshop fees

(1) The participation at a full-day workshop (Pre-conference workshop) costs 240 Euro. The participation at a half-day workshop (Post-conference workshop) costs 120 Euro.

(2) Doctoral students and students receive a 50 % discount. Proof of enrollment (e.g. valid student ID, written confirmation from an advisor or university) must be submitted.

6. Terms of payment

(1) Every registration is binding and commits you to the payment of the fees, irrespective of actual attendance. Immediately after the registration you will receive the invoice by e-mail. The payment has to be made to the bank account stated in the invoice within 14 days but not later than February 27nd 2018 (receipt of payment).

(2) In case an institution bear the costs (e.g. university or research institute) for the conference or the workshops participants need to submit a binding confirmation of cost coverage containing the participant’s name and address.

7. Cancellation

Cancellations of workshop bookings can be declared in written form. The following charges will apply:
– Cancellation up to January 17th, 2018 (6 weeks before start of conference): 20 % of registration fee
– Cancellation up to February 7th, 2018 (3 weeks before start of conference): 50 % of registration fee
We regret that no refunds can be made for cancellations after February 7th, 2018.

8. Changes due to organizational reasons

(1) If a workshop is cancelled due to lack of participants or for any other unforeseeable reason (such as illness), full workshop fees will be reimbursed. Alternatively, you may choose to participate in a different workshop.

(2) There is no entitlement to reimbursement if a workshop is held by a person different from the person announced to hold the workshop at the time of booking.

9. Limited liability

(1) VERBI Software – Consult – Sozialforschung GmbH does not accept any liability for theft, accidents or other damages to the participants or their property during the MQIC conference.

(2) VERBI Software – Consult – Sozialforschung GmbH does not accept any liability during participants’ trip to and from the MQIC conference.

10. Right of cancellation

The following terms are valid only for participants who made their registration from a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Right of withdrawal

As long as you book workshops as a consumer (not as part of commercial or independent professional activity), you have the right to withdraw from the contract in written form (e.g. by letter, fax or e-mail) within 14 days and without stating reasons. The deadline commences with the receipt of the confirmation of registration by e-mail. Compliance with the withdrawal period shall be determined on the basis of the sending date of the written withdrawal note.

Withdrawal notes must be sent to the following address: VERBI Software – Consult – Sozialforschung GmbH, Bismarckstr. 10 – 12, 10625; 10625 Berlin; FAX: +49 (0)30 5900 833 61; mqic@maxqda.de

Consequences of cancellation

In case of a valid cancellation of the contract, all payments received will be reimbursed within 30 days.

Special notes

The right of cancellation will be lost prematurely if you have already participated in a workshop before making use of your right of cancellation.

End of information on the right of cancellation

October 17th, 2017