MQIC Poster Session

MQIC Poster Presentation and Award

The MQIC Poster Session is your opportunity to present a poster about your research, network, and enter to win the Best Poster Award.The accepted posters are displayed throughout the MQIC and each of the exhibited posters are published as a PDF file on the conference website.

Click here to see who won in 2019:

Poster Award Winners 2019

MQIC 2020 poster proposals can now be submitted to:

The accepted posters will begin to be displayed here when registration opens in September 2019.

Type of Contributions

The poster’s focus should be on how you used MAXQDA in the data collection and analysis portions of your qualitative and/or mixed method research project(s). We also welcome posters about teaching and learning MAXQDA. Get creative – screenshots and innovative designs can help make your poster stand out!

Example Poster Topics

  • Implementing specific research steps and methodologies with MAXQDA
  • Linkages, integration, and data exchange between different (analysis) programs, such as mind-mapping tools, literature management, statistics software, etc.
  • Approaches to visualization including specific examples of using MAXQDA’s visual tools
  • Using analysis software in research groups (e.g. organizing teamwork processes)
  • Combining qualitative and quantitative data/methods; quantifications in the research process
  • Managing specific documents and types of documents (e.g. particularly long, short, numerous, or diverse documents)
  • Using MAXQDA in teaching (e.g. specific projects, syllabi, applied tools, evaluation results, etc.)
poster of Andreas Müller

Submission Process

The Best Poster Award will take place in 2020! Please submit your poster proposal as an email attachment to no later than January 31st, 2020. The proposal must be submitted in English, as the poster presentation will be held in English. 

The proposal should be no more than one page (DIN-A4 format) long. You may also submit a small poster template instead. The final poster must be printed vertically on a DIN-A0 sized sheet. The proposal must make reference to the project’s overarching goal(s), methods, use of MAXQDA, key results, and a discussion of your findings.

Your email should contain the following additional information:

  • The title of the poster
  • Names of other contributing authors (if applicable)
  • Your contact details
  • Your academic/professional discipline and your organization
MQIC participants in front of a poster

Selection Process

The MQIC Poster Presentation Selection Committee will review the contributions and make the final selection based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the methodological procedure,
  • relevance of the topic,
  • originality of the contribution,
  • clarity of presentation,
  • formal aspects of the presentation (orthography, citation, etc.).
MQIC participants discussing in front of a poster

Poster Award

A cash prize of €200,00 EUR will be awarded to the author of the winning poster. You must be present at the awards ceremony to win.