MQIC 2019 – Accepted Posters

This year’s MQIC Poster Session took place on Thursday, February 28th 2019.

Accepted Posters – Click to view in full-screen:

Applying an Agile Risk Assessment with MAXQDA: An Empirical Analysis Of The Mobility Industry
L.M. Ahl

Innovative Finance: Impact of financing FinTechs on Traditional Small-and-Medium-Sized Banking in Germany
by J. Beck

MAXQDA As A Tool for Big Data Analysis
by D. Bubeliene

Moderating artwork – investigating judgements and cognitive processes
by L. Chambers / J. Williamson / S. Child

Evaluation of high-quality care in specialized out-patient palliative care (SAPV) compared to general out-patient palliative care (AAPV) in North Rhine – a qualitative study from the patient’s perspective
by K. Dillen

“You need to be your own guru” – Using Maxqda to explore yoga recommendations for migraine patients
by A. Kluck / T. Geier / C. Hermann

Network Pictures Analysis in MAXQDA
by M. Kot

Using MAXQDA to code for the frames used by U.S. Presidents and media samples surrounding federal health care policy reform
by B. Leimbigler

Any sign of Virtual School Garden Exchanges? A Systematic Literature Review
by J. Lochner

“Patient Voice”: Uncovering The Voices of Radiology Patients
by M. H. Loxton / E. Okoli / Whitney, Bradley, & Brown Inc

Exploring regional disparities of Big-Data applications in China
by C. M. Shi / M. Lechner

Investigation of violence in children’s homes
by A. Morgenstern-Einenkel

The Sorcerer's Apprentices - Using MAXQDA in teaching the dark art of studying historical trial records
by A. Müller

Telling Community Stories: Using MAXQDA to Tell a Story in Health Development in Rural Cameroon
by P.M. Okwen

Patients' Views on Precision Cancer Medicine - Qualitative Analysis with MAXQDA
by T. Pichler / A. Rohrmoser

MAXQDA organizational and visual support in analysing data on changes in food safety culture - a longitudinal research
by L. Zanin / S. M. da Silva / P. A. Luning / E. Stedefeldt

MAXQDA: Construction of a model for analyzing the representation of a public event message in Ukrainian and European media
by O. Zinenko