MQIC 2019 – Poster Awards

Congratulations to the award winners of the MQIC 2019 Poster Session!

This year’s MAXQDA International Conference Poster Session was held on Thursday, February 28th and featured 17 posters by scholars from 7 countries about research and teaching projects conducted with MAXQDA.
Each participant received a small gift and the following 7 prizes were awarded for the best posters:

Poster Awards

Best Poster – €200 Prize

P.M. Okwen und Andreas Müller bei der Verleihung des Best Poster Awards

Best poster about research with MAXQDA: ‘Telling Community Stories: Using MAXQDA to Tell a Story in Health Development in Rural Cameroon’ by P.M. Okwen and best poster about teaching with MAXQDA: ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentices – Using MAXQDA in teaching the dark art of studying historical trial records’ by Andreas Müller.

Second Place Poster – €100 Prize

Second Place Poster Award von Andre Morgenstern-Einenkel

Investigation of violence in children’s homes’
by Andre Morgenstern-Einenkel

Third Place Poster – €50 Prize

Third Place of the MQIC Poster Award von Mateusz Kot

Network Pictures Analysis in MAXQDA
by Mateusz Kot

MQIC 2019– Honorable Mentions

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