MQIC Spotlight Sessions Programm

Spotlight Sessions are brief, but in-depth demonstrations of MAXQDA features, which offer insights into specific MAXQDA subject-areas. These conveniently compact training sessions give deep insights into MAXQDA features, which may be new to you, and build on topics, which you may already be familiar with. The sessions consist of a 20-minute presentation of the most important features relevant to a thematic area followed by a short discussion. Participation in the Spotlight Sessions is included in the conference fee.

◒ = Prior experience recommended / ◯ = No prior experience necessary

Spotlight Sessions I Thursday 1:15pm - 1:45pm

🇬🇧 Statistical Analysis with MAXQDA Stats

🇬🇧 Analyzing Answers to Open Ended Questions with MAXQDA

🇬🇧 Literature Reviews with MAXQDA

🇬🇧 Transcribing in MAXQDA

🇩🇪 Arbeiten mit MAXDictio

🇩🇪 MAXQDA 2020: Die neuen Funktionen

Spotlight Sessions II Thursday 2:15pm - 2:45pm

🇬🇧 Working with Paraphrases in MAXQDA

🇬🇧 MAXQDA 2020: New Reports and Exports

🇬🇧 MAXQDA 2020: New Features in MAXMaps

🇬🇧 Using the Creative Coding Tool in MAXQDA

🇩🇪 Systematische Literaturanalysen mit MAXQDA

🇩🇪 Die Visual Tools von MAXQDA

Spotlight Sessions III Friday 10:30am - 11:00am

🇬🇧 MAXQDA 2020: The New Features in Summaries

🇬🇧 Focus Group Analysis in MAXQDA

🇬🇧 Using Memos in MAXQDA

🇬🇧 Twitter Data Analysis with MAXQDA

🇩🇪 Arbeiten mit Stats - Dem Statistikmodul von MAXQDA

🇩🇪 Import und Analyse von offenen Antworten in Umfragedaten mit MAXQDA

Spotlight Sessions IV Friday 11:30am - 12:00pm

🇬🇧 Transcribing with MAXQDA

🇬🇧 The 4 Stages of Research with MAXQDA

🇬🇧 Working as a Team in MAXQDA

🇩🇪 MAXQDA 2020: Neue Berichte und Exporte

🇩🇪 MAXQDA 2020: Neue Funktionen in MAXMaps

🇩🇪 Fokusgruppen Datenanalyse mit MAXQDA

Spotlight Sessions V Friday 12:30pm - 13:00pm

🇬🇧 MAXQDA 2020: The new Features

🇬🇧 The Visual Tools in MAXQDA

🇬🇧 MAXQDA 2020: The New Features in Memos

🇬🇧 Working with Summaries in MAXQDA

🇬🇧 Working with MAXDictio

🇩🇪 Paraphrasen: Daten zusammenfassen und Codesysteme entwickeln