Three approaches to analyzing project evaluation data with MAXQDA

February 26th


10am – 1pm
Haus der Wirtschaft

Am Schillertheater 2, 10625 Berlin

95 €

55 € reduced

students/doctoral candidates

Three approaches to analyzing project evaluation data with MAXQDA


This workshop focuses on utilizing MAXQDA in project evaluations, specifically when working with project evaluation surveys that contain qualitative and quantitative information. One emphasis is set on different strategies for developing themes from short-text answers. A second emphasis will be on using document variables and subcode statistics to structure analytic workflows and to lay the foundation for writing up findings.


  • Preparation & Import of data from online surveys (such as Qualtrics or Google Forms)
  • Using Document Variables to provide analytic focus for teams and individual analysts
  • Theme Development Tool 1: Using Memos and Code Comments to develop themes
  • Theme Development Tool 2: Using the Interactive Quote Matrix to develop themes
  • Theme Development Tool 3: Using the Survey Question Categorization tool
  • Using Subcode Statistics and memos to create write-ups


In this workshop you will employ three strategies for theme development that involve various components of MAXQDA. For the majority of this workshop, participants will co-analyze project evaluation data that is provided by the facilitator. After the workshop, you will be able to quality control data from online surveys for smooth import into MAXQDA; you will be able to design efficient and well-structured evaluation workflows; and you will be able to use MAXQDA’s features to structure and facilitate team-based analysis of project evaluation data.

For whom

For everyone interested in practicing evaluative analysis in MAXQDA; for everyone interested in learning about designing different coding workflows; for everyone interested in using MAXQDA for structuring team-based analysis workflows.


Participants must have prior knowledge of MAXQDA basic tools. You should be familiar MAXQDA’s general user interface, with creating and applying codes, with memos, and with retrieving coded segments by activation.


Please bring a laptop with the most recent version of MAXQDA installed (Windows or Mac) installed to this workshop. The free trial version is sufficient.


Dr. Christian Schmieder is a methodologist and evaluator with over ten years of experience as a methods consultant, analysis teacher, and coach for Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS). He specializes in implementing QDAS as a knowledge workbench in research teams and organizations, specifically through using QDAS to teach and facilitate co-analysis of data. His scholarly work focuses on formal and informal methods pedagogy, as well as on the adaptation and use of technology (such as qualitative data analysis software) by qualitative analysts. Dr. Schmieder currently works as the Data Specialist and Data Governance Leader at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Division of Extension), where he supports over 600 educators, researchers, and evaluators through the Data Jam Initiative, an Evaluation Capacity Building (ECB) framework that fosters distributed, consensus-focused analyses of large qualitative datasets. As an independent consultant, he supports research teams and institutions in the United States and Europe.