Qualitative Text Analysis with MAXQDA (English)

February 28th


1pm – 5pm
Haus der Wirtschaft

Am Schillertheater 2, 10625 Berlin

95 €

55 € reduced

students/doctoral candidates

Qualitative Text Analysis with MAXQDA (English)


This course will sum up different techniques in MAXQDA which come up handy working with text analysis. It covers ten distinctive steps on how to set up a qualitative texts analysis from the beginning to the end. We discuss different coding techniques for different data types, how to set up a coding frame and how to analyze the data provided in the course using MAXQDA. The ten steps serve as a recipe which can be easily adapted to your own research. It provides important aspects that should be considered when conducting qualitative text analysis in MAXQDA.


The workshop will also include hands-on parts particularly focusing on thematic analysis; special attention will be given to the topic of preparing and presenting results.

This workshop is based on: „Qualitative Text Analysis. A Guide to Methods, Practice and Using Software. Sage Publications Ltd. 2014 by Udo Kuckartz“.


  • What coding strategies exist and how can they be applied in MAXQDA?
  • How to create and export a codebook and what should a good codebook look like?
  • How to analyse data using various techniques, ranging from summaries, and mixed methods to the usage of the visual tools?


After this course, you will be able to use the main techniques available for qualitative text analysis in MAXQDA. The course provides you with ten simple steps on how to set up your analysis and which aspects should be covered when doing your research.

For whom

For all those who are looking to extend their understanding of and skills with MAXQDA beyond a basic level.


Participants must have prior knowledge of MAXQDA basic tools. You should be able to import data, create and apply codes, and retrieve coded segments by activation.


Please bring a laptop with the latest version of MAXQDA (Windows or Mac) installed to this workshop. The free trial version is sufficient.


Daniel Rasch

Daniel Rasch is a post-doctoral researcher in political science at the German University of Administrative Sciences, Speyer. He received his Ph.D. with a mixed methods analysis of lobbyists‘ success in the European Union. He focuses on the quantification of qualitative data. He is an experienced MAXQDA lecturer and has been a Professional MAXQDA Trainer since 2012.