Strategies for Meeting Analysis Goals, Supported by MAXQDA (English)

March 1st


1:30pm – 4:30pm
Haus der Wirtschaft

Am Schillertheater 2, 10625 Berlin

140 €

70 € reduced

students/doctoral candidates

This was an MQIC 2019 workshop. Similar workshops will be offered at the MQIC 2020. Further information coming soon!

Strategies for Meeting Analysis Goals, Supported by MAXQDA (English)


Participants will explore (and perhaps refine, deepen, or extend) the purposes or goals they have for their research, to provide a context for focusing in the workshop on the kinds of analysis strategies than can help them draw conclusions from their data in order to meet their goals. Practical steps to support some or all of these strategies within MAXQDA will be identified through a medium of small group discussion, supported by the facilitator.

This workshop is based on the book Qualitative Data Analysis: Practical Strategies (Sage, 2013), the second edition of which is currently being written.


  • Understanding analysis as a process of deconstruction and reconstruction, and exploring analysis goals
  • Identify and illustrate strategies for a range of goals, for example:
    • Clarifying and developing key concepts, e.g., through identifying component dimensions and their indicators
    • Identifying and exploring patterns and associations in data
    • Producing richly contextualised (“thick”) description or narrative, e.g., to describe the essential elements of a life experience
    • Developing (explanatory) theory, e.g., through understanding the conditions and consequences of actions; through process tracing; using narrative analysis.
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of interventions
  • Through group discussion, identify a variety of tools within MAXQDA (e.g., for exploring. querying, visualising and reflecting on data) and ways of using them that support these strategies for achieving the various goals being discussed.


    Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the analysis process, supported by practical insight into an extended range of strategies and steps they can use to realise their project-related research goals, and to support their conclusions with evidence.

For whom

This workshop will be of most benefit to participants who are working on a project, but who are not sure of how best to move from having coded data to achieving the purpose for which they gathered the data. It will also be of value to those who might want to extend their ideas of what they can achieve through a qualitative (or mixed) analysis.


Participants will have practice-based knowledge of the tools provided by MAXQDA for working with data (e.g., for coding and memoing), and will have used or ‘played around’ with other tools for exploring, querying, and visualising data.


Participants will work in small groups during the workshop. Those with laptops are advised to bring them to the workshop with the latest version of MAXQDA installed.
If you do not already have a MAXQDA license, you can download the 14-day free trial shortly before the workshop.


For almost 30 years Dr. Pat Bazeley has been providing research training and project consulting to academics, graduate students and practitioners representing a wide range of disciplines across Australia and internationally. Her particular expertise is in helping researchers to make sense of qualitative, survey, and mixed methods data, and to use computer programs for management and analysis of data.