The Five-Level QDA® Method: Using MAXQDA for Qualitative Data Analysis

February 26th


10am – 1pm
Haus der Wirtschaft

Am Schillertheater 2, 10625 Berlin


N.A. reduced

students/doctoral candidates

The Five-Level QDA® Method: Using MAXQDA for Qualitative Data Analysis


In this workshop you will learn about the Five-Level QDA® method for harnessing MAXQDA’s tools for your analytic needs. This was developed by Nicholas Woolf and Christina Silver to unpack what expert MAXQDA users unconsciously do when they translate their analytic strategies into MAXQDA tools, regardless of their methodology.

This workshop is based on the recently published textbook Qualitative Analysis using MAXQDA: The Five-Level QDA® method (Woolf & Silver, 2018. Routledge). The book explains the principles of the method and illustrates its use in a wide range of applications and methodologies.

The workshop includes discussion, demonstrations and small-group work, and provides opportunity for questions.


The workshop is in three parts.

Part 1 – Introduction to the Five-Level QDA® method

  • The genesis and principles of the method
  • Distinguishing analytic strategies – what you plan to do – from software tactics – how you plan to do it

Part 2 – Mindsets for harnessing MAXQDA’s tools powerfully

  • The difference between software features and tools
  • MAXQDA component and actions hunt
  • Illustration: balancing the serendipity of playing with features and importance of strategies driving tactics

Part 3 – Translating analytic strategies into software tactics

  • An overview of the five steps of translation
  • Analytic Planning Worksheets and how to use them to translate strategies into tactics
  • Illustration: accomplishing an analytic task in different ways using MAXQDA


After completing this workshop, you will understand the importance of distinguishing analytic strategies from software tactics in harnessing MAXQDA’s tools powerfully. You will be familiar with the five steps of translation and Analytic Planning Worksheets for translating analytic tasks into software tools.

For whom

For all those looking to develop expertise in MAXQDA for a qualitative or mixed methods analysis.


Knowledge of the MAXQDA basic features. You should be familiar with the interface, be able to code texts, retrieve coded segments and write memos.


Please bring a laptop with the latest version of MAXQDA (Windows or Mac) installed to this workshop. The free trial version is sufficient.


Christina Silver

Dr. Christina Silver is the manager of the CAQDAS Networking Project, which provides information, advice and training in a range of software packages designed to facilitate the analysis of qualitative and mixed data, including MAXQDA. Christina’s particular interests relate to the relationship between technology and methodology and the effective teaching of qualitative software. She is co-author with Ann Lewins of Using Software in Qualitative Research (Sage publications, 2007, 2014) and Qualitative Analysis using MAXQDA: The Five-Level QDA® method (Routledge 2018) with Nicholas Woolf. Christina is also co-director of the University of Surrey’s Day Courses in Social Research and the co-founder of Qualitative Data Analysis Services (QDAS), which provides customised training, analysis and consultancy services for individuals and groups engaged in qualitative analysis.