Visual Tools (English)

February 26th


10am – 1pm
Haus der Wirtschaft

Am Schillertheater 2, 10625 Berlin

95 €

55 € reduced

students/doctoral candidates

Visual Tools (English)


The workshop offers an overview of MAXQDAs visual tools and how they are used in research. Participants will practice creating visualizations with example data and discuss the potentials and limits of each visual tool.


  • Identifying code frequencies with the Code Matrix Browser
  • Identifying overlapping codes with the Code Relations Browser
  • Visualizing documents with the Document Portrait
  • Comparing documents with the Document Comparison Chart
  • Exploring code occurrence in documents with the Codeline
  • Analyzing code and document similarities with the Code / Document Maps
  • Visualize project elements with MAXMAps
  • Using Model Templates in MAXMaps


After completing this workshop, participants know which Visual Tools MAXQDA offers and how to use them for their own research. They are able to create visualizations with the Code Matrix Browser, the Code Relations Browser, the Document Portrait and the Document Comparison Chart. Participants are able to work with graphical representations of project elements in MAXMaps and use MAXMaps model templates.

For whom

interested to learn about visualizations in MAXQDA and how to use them for their own research.


Requirements Participants must have prior knowledge of MAXQDA basic tools. You should be able to import data, create and apply codes, and retrieve coded segments by activation.


Zur Teilnahme an diesem Workshop benötigen Sie einen Laptop, auf dem die aktuellste Version von MAXQDA (für Windows oder Mac) installiert ist. Die kostenlose Demoversion ist ausreichend.


Trainer Julia Gerson has a degree in educational science is the Chief Product Manager at VERBI Software Consult Sozialforschung GmbH. During her time as a research fellow of the Marburger Arbeitsgruppe für Methoden & Evaluation (MAGMA) she was responsible for multiple research projects (all using MAXQDA) and started teaching MAXQDA workshops and webinars in 2010.